Top 7 Best Places To Live In The U.S In 2019

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The process of looking for a place to call home can be taxing especially if one has little or no knowledge about the existing areas and what they have to offer to make you stay there worthwhile. It is for this reason that the below guide is designed to help you make an informed decision in choosing a place to call home. These places top the list with the best amenities, big economies, incomparable infrastructural developments just to name but a few. These 7 best places to live in the U.S include:

1.Boise, Idaho

This place has become a magnet for people looking for a tight-knit community, great opportunities, easy access to the outdoors and it’s also among the low-cost cities. It’s one of the safest cities in the world therefore it attracts young families. It’s a perfect place for creative entrepreneurs with the tech scene here growing fast with the influx of new talent to the city who are eager to find a work- life balance that allows plenty of fresh air and adventure. Boise River serves as a perfect fishing destination.


2. Raleigh , North Carolina

This city is just one of its kind with basically almost every amenity that you can think of. These range from sports arenas, food joint, perfect entrepreneurial sites home for college students and the list is endless. It’s home to three state of the art museums namely: of art, history and natural sciences and the good news is that they are free.


3. Madison, Wisconsin

It’s well known for being a home to the best colleges, in addition, its food scene is stellar ranging from cheap to fine dining with a wide range of style and flavors. Since it sits on an isthmus, it has tons of lakefront and plenty of green space. It’s an easy-to-navigate city that’s full of diversity which can really chock most of which is free.


4. Iowa city, Iowa

With a comfortable population, it is an easy place to live with amazing amenities. It was the first us city to be designated as a UNESCO City of Literature and is home to renowned writers thus it has the highest literacy rate in the country. It’s a place where even a fashion show can be watched on a street downtown.


5. Rochester, Minnesota

It is best known for its famous hospital, the Mayo Clinic which draws patients, doctors as well as researchers from all over the world. Apart from that, it has a growing food scene and a plenty of community events to keep the residents entertained. It has perfect public transportation system that makes movement easy. Living here is surely to embrace the best.


6. Columbia, Missouri

It is located halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis. It’s a vibrant, youthful city which is home to the University of Missouri.  It has strong economy and easy access to shopping, culture, art and activities and this becomes a haven for young professionals and families. It has a low unemployment rate and this translates directly to low crime rates thus one can be assured of good security.


7. Sioux Falls, South Dakota


If you are looking for a place where you will experience warmth from the people around, then look no farther. Sioux Falls is your ultimate place and a perfect neat, safe and with potential for meaningful investment thanks to its strong economy. It’s endowed with different amenities and the infrastructure is quite organized. The place embraces a culture of outdoor recreation as well as genuine appreciation for arts and culture. Performing art theaters are easily accessible to nurture talent. It’s an amazing place to call home.

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