8 Little Known Gmail Hacks To Super Boost Productivity

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If you are reading this, it means you’re tech-savvy and probably a devoted Gmail user who uses it every day. Do you think you have used every Gmail function to guarantee maximum output when you work? I don’t think so.

So here, I will go over 8 little known Gmail hacks to super boost productivity


1.Unsend a Sent Email

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If you ever make the mistake of wrongly sending an email that holds confidential information to the wrong person, worry not, Gmail has a feature that you can use to “unsend” a sent mail within 30 seconds.

To start the process, just login to your Gmail account, hit the “Settings” button. Enable the Undo Send feature and set the nullification period to either 5, 10, 20 or 30 secs.


2. Getting All Emails in One Tab

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Do you dislike tab hopping? Would you prefer to have all your emails in one place as opposed to having them occupy different tabs like Promotional and Social?

This hack makes sure that all your emails, regardless of their classification are all stacked up neatly in your primary Inbox.

To achieve this, go to your Gmail settings, click on the Inbox tab, un-select the social and promotional checkbox and there you have it. All your emails would be kept in one place.


3. Get More Tabs

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If you’re someone who likes to categorize things, you can add more tabs like Forums and Updated and further separate emails. Your emails will now be clubbed automatically into new tabs, which in turn helps you to concentrate on significant emails.


4. Self-Destruct Email

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This feature helps when you don’t want your sent email to be forwarded to a third party. To set it up, click on the lock icon close to the send button before sending out an email.

A new tab titled confidential mode will open with the preference of Set Expiration. This is where you will make the necessary modifications.


5. Sending Mails with a Verification Code

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The confidential mode as discussed above also permits you to send an email with authentication encryption sent through SMS to the receiver. This will permit you to build an added layer of security to your email. By using this feature, you are assured that the mail will be read by the anticipated recipient only.


6. Setting the Maximum Number of Emails you want to see per Page

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If you’re getting too many emails daily, then you need to explore this option. You’ll be able to access more mail per page. To set this up, go to settings, hit the General menu bar, scroll down to the “Maximum page size” and set the number of emails you want per page.


7. Reply All

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This feature is used to reply a single person or multiple recipients via Gmail. To set it up, click the settings tab, next, go to the general tab, look for “Default Reply Behaviour” and chose the Reply all option. At this point,

the “Reply All” selection will be the default selection when chatting with multiple recipients.


8. Desktop Notification

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If you receive email regularly from your boss or business partners and don’t want to miss any then this’s a great option for you. To set it up, you can add a Gmail chrome extension or go to Settings then General, then Desktop Notification and toggle it on.


With these few Gmail hacks, you’ll be able to stay on top of your game and boost your productivity level. Knowledge is power.

Charles Slocs


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