8 Best Used Cars You Can Safely Buy That Hold Their Value

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The demand for used cars is on the rise majorly due to the fact that being in possession of a car is deemed a necessity while at the same time the budgetary constraints that the purchase of a new car comes with cannot be ignored. The choice of a good used car that will serve you at all times and still retain its value with minimum subjection to depreciation is something one needs to consider. This is however not an easy task since different factors such as reliability, safety, affordability and the technological features play a key role.

It is for this reason that we set out on a mission to help make your shopping a little easier by listing the top eight best used cars that you can be assured that they have minimum depreciation rates. These include:


1. Toyota FJ Cruiser

Credit: Carfromjapan.com

Its resale value is incomparable. It has a four-wheel drive system, 260 – horse power, 40 liter V6 engine, 5000 pounds of towing capacity and resilient interior which were made for messy adventures. The floor is made of rubber while the seats have waterproof fabric so as to withstand mud and other elements in the harsh terrains. It’s an outdoor workhorse and this makes it a valuable pack that delivers without fail.


2. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Apart from the canvas top and the 19mile per gallon consumption rate, it has an unlimited cargo space which gets as big as 31.5 cubic feet depending on the configuration. It also has a four-wheel drive which comes in handy during the harsh winter. During summer, the removable hardtop makes it amazing for the open-air rides.


3. Land Rover LR4

Credit: Charlestonhonda.com

The discovery model is made more bulbous and has a lift gate in place of a tailgate with an aluminum body which makes it lighter and more efficient. It however doesn’t have the sunroof that makes the vehicle look boxy and comfortable on all terrains.


4. Porsche 911

It’s the most iconic and most powerful vehicle produced by Porsche. The latest 991 generation was upgraded in 2015 and makes it even more efficient, reliable, safe and a sought after car.


5. Porsche Cayman

Credit: Princetonporsche.com

It has an extended wheelbase, a mid-engine layout and a redesigned interior. Though it has a 270 horsepower, it’s still efficient and has a more affordable entry point for everyday drivers. Once you own one, parting with it becomes almost impossible.


6. Dodge Ram 2500

Credit: Cargurus.com

It has lightweight aluminum body, 3.6 liter V6 engine and RAM Boxes in the sidewalls of the bed.  Drivers who love outdoors enjoy the waterproof and drainable containers that can fit up to 240 cans of your favorite beverage thus making it a perfect adventure companion.


7. Porsche Macan

Credit: Yahoo.com

It’s such a luxury brand 252 to 440 horsepower that is offered by the four-cylinder engine. It’s a family car with the ability of giving luxury and also has a surprisingly large amount of utility built into its upscale frame thus making it reliable and an all-time car.


8. Toyota Tundra

It’s a pickup which is much like the Silverado which was given a makeover in 2014 that gave it bigger grille and a spruced up interior with more comfortable seats and a touchscreen-driven tech toys. Bluetooth connectivity is also available. It’s highly reliable thus commanding a high following.

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