8 Animals That Could Soon Become Extinct

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Extinction is not a word anyone wants to hear about. I mean who really wants to see life as we know it disappear. However we can see that all is not well in nature with so many calamities and deaths. Animals are number one on the list of creatures that have become extinct and continue to do so.

Scientists and other conservation groups are trying their best to save these animals but seem to be losing the fight. It is believed that mankind is responsible for the loss of so many species of animals. This ranges from insects to mammals, reptiles and various marine species.

Here are some of the animals that could become extinct if mankind doesn’t change their habits.



Credit: Birdlife.org

Location: Brazil

The Brazilian spix’s macaw is very close to becoming extinct due to the number of trees they inhabit on the decrease. Man has been destroying their favorite habitat, the Caraiba tree. Without food and shelter this bird could soon be gone. At present there are about 100 of these birds in zoos.



Credit: Zoo.org.au

Location: North Africa

Hunting has brought the Scimitar Oryx close to extinction. This type of antelope was hunted for its lovely long antlers. This type of activity meant that apart from domestication the animal would have been long gone. Breeding programs are now in progress causing its numbers to rise.



Credit: Journalstar.com

Location: U.S.A.

The Tiger Beetle was on verge of extinction due to urbanization by humans. Development has caused the Earth many species of animals throughout the years and seems like a continual trend. It is estimated that about 400 of these beetles still remain due to slowly repopulating. Conservation is responsible for this slight increase.



Credit: Worldwildlife.org

Location: Russia and China

This type of leopard is in danger of extinction due to poaching, deforestation, inbreeding and contact with humans in industrial areas. Efforts to save this species have seen it increase to about 100 animals. If the threats to this animal isn’t curbed it could disappear in a few years.



Credit: Thehill.com

Location: East and South Africa

The Black Rhino was once considered extinct; however a species from the south western part of Africa is till managing to stay alive. A subspecies, the south western of the Black Rhino is still striving but barely. The main reason for the decline of this animal, you guessed it poaching.



Credit: Marylandzoo.org

Location: Kenya

The White Rhino is in dire straits as only two females remain in captivity with the lone male dying recently. The sperm of the animal is currently being preserved by scientists. Who may try to do its own method of breeding to save the species.



Credit: Crossrivergorilla.org

Location: Nigeria

Due to poaching, civil unrest, pet trade, deforestation and diseases like Ebola this gorilla has it tough. There are two sets of gorillas, eastern and western. The gorillas in the Western territory have it the hardest as the Cross river gorilla is only about 300, while in the east, the mountain gorillas are around 880.



Credit: Culturetrip.com

Location: Malaysia

Lost to habitat and poaching are the two main factors for the Malayan Tiger’s decrease. The tiger is hunted for meat and medicinal purposes and due to human development has lost much of the forest to mankind. It is estimated that about 340 of these animals still exist in the wild but have it rough as hunting prey is becoming more difficult.

It isn’t hard to see why many of these animals face extinction even though many conservation methods are being used to save them. This list doesn’t do justice to how many species could be under threat but hopefully it arouses awareness. We are responsible for this planet and every species of animal under threat is due mainly to how we treat our home.

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