7 Most Profitable E-Commerce Companies On The Internet

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Online shopping is one of the largest retail businesses that you will find these days. People love the fact that they can purchase goods at any time and possibly from almost anywhere. Three factors matter most if you want to be able to purchase online goods. These are money, a compatible device and an internet connection.

Recent surveys show just how powerful and influential online shopping has become. During special times of the year this business can experience a significant increase in sales. Let’s take a look at the seven most profitable E-commerce companies.

This information is based on GMV or gross market value. B2B means business to business. C2C means consumer to consumer. B2C means business to consumer. C2B means consumer to business.



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Alibaba is one of the biggest success stories you would ever hear. It has surpassed one the best known E-commerce sites in the World today. Alibaba averages over $760 billion GMV and more than doubles its closest rival Amazon. Alibaba is a B2B and C2C online retailer.



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Amazon is well known and used by many all over the World. It has a lower GMV than Alibaba but its profit margin is very good as it splits all proceeds 50/50 with those who use their services. It should be noted that Amazon also sells their products as well. The GMV is close to $240 billion. Amazon is a B2C and C2C online retailer.



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JD.com has a GMV of $215 billion and ranks third on this list. This company is from Beijing, China and is a major competitor of Alibaba. It was once called 360buy before rebranding itself. JD.com is a B2C and C2C online retailer.



eBay is another very popular online retailer that has been around for some time. Its GMV is around $93 billion and you will finds items sold here that may not be found anywhere else by anyone making this list. Damaged items can be bought on eBay. It is a C2C and C2B online retailer.



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Shopify is a well-known online platform that allows you to set up your own E-commerce site using their internal platform. Its GMV is $33 billion, way lower than its competitors. It is a C2C online retailer.



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Rakuten is a Japanese company that is a big competitor in the Asian region. It is the largest in Japan and has a GMV of $31 billion plus. The company may be even more popular due to who it sponsors. It’s a B2C online retailer.



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Walmart may be one of the biggest retailers in the U.S. but it ranks seventh on this list of online retailers. Its GMV is little over $19 billion. It is a B2C and C2C online retailer.

The online retailers could see an even bigger increase in sales as more people are turning to online sales. A lot of individuals are moving away from long lines and the inconvenience of going long distances to various retail outlets. Shopping from the convenience of your home or on the go makes sense.

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