15 Best Social Media Platforms That Connect The World

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Social media networks are the most popular way for individuals all over the Earth to communicate and share. The power that some of these networks have is worrisome as security becomes a big issue. On the other hand many people are taking advantage of the popularity of these networks and use them to promote their business.

What this has done is create a network that is both social and business like. You can share a wide variety of topics and brands on these social media platforms. The owners of the platform make lots of money and the businesses that use them do the same, so everyone benefits.

To recognize how powerful these social media platforms have become, check out how many persons use their platforms.



It isn’t surprising that Facebook ranks number one for being the best and most popular social media giant in the World. It has amassed over 2.3 billion monthly active users or MAUs. Over 65 million businesses use Facebook pages for their products.



YouTube is most popular social media site for videos and other video related components. It is one of the ways many influential people reach the World with their ideas and lifestyle. It has over 1.9 billion MAUs which makes YouTube the place to make lots of money as well.



WhatsApp is probably the most popular way to do a call, video calls and chat. You can even do broadcasts for your business or anything in general. Your broadcasts go out to your contacts. This app has over 1.5 billion MAUs.



Facebook’s messenger is the second most popular way to chat with others. Facebook has made it a separate app for phones and tablets, while it remains a part of Facebook itself for use on desktops. This app has over 1.3 billion MAUs which meant all of Facebook users don’t use the app.



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WeChat takes third on the list of social media platforms that are based on chatting and calling. But unlike Messenger and WhatsApp you can shop online and make payments and more. It has 1.06 billion MAUs and ranks fifth on this list.



Instagram ranking this low may seem like a shocker but the social media stage is a vicious one. It has over 1 billion MAUs and has come a long way from just posting pictures and videos. There is now IGTV and ways to promote a product.



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This app is popular among the Chinese but is used by many other Countries. It has 861 million users and is an instant messaging app. It can make payments, shop online and watch movies among other things.



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Tumblr receives about 642 million monthly unique visitors or MUVs. It is one of the most popular blogging site that connect with many social media networks. This places it among the social media giants on the World stage.



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Qzone has 632 million MAUs and is mostly popular in China. It is clear that China has its own social network infrastructure but also uses other platforms as well. Due to the huge number of persons living in China its platforms would have lots of users. It can accommodate various types of multimedia programs.



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Tik Tok was gaining the title of most popular app at one stage. In the first quarter of 2018 it beat out the most popular apps by being downloaded the most. There are over 500 million MAUs using Tik Tok.




Sina Weibo is considered the twitter of the Chinese and has over 392 million MAUs. It works similar to twitter which is understandable as twitter is banned in China. If there will be a challenger to Twitter this would be the app to do it.



One would have expected Twitter to rank higher but that was certainly not the case. Twitter has just around 335 million MAUs and despite being used by popular individuals didn’t make the top 10. However many businesses and persons still use it for marketing purposes.



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Reddit has about 330 million MAUs and is sometimes called the front of the internet. Its users can submit questions among other things where a vote is then given. This social media platform runs deep but has its benefits.



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Baidu Tieba is another Chinese social media platform. It specializes as a forum related social media option and is similar in many ways to Reddit. It has over 300 million MAUs and can be considered the Asian rival to Reddit.


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LinkedIn has over 294 million MAUs and is well known for being a business related social media platform. It is used to build brands and find work using social media outputs. Many businesses use this platform to find talented employees.

As learned earlier social media if used for good can be a big boost to any business or individual. It also has its negatives if used for wrong as the reach of social media is dynamic. If you are looking into social media related ideas these are some of the best to try.

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