21 Beaches With The Best Coral Reefs On The Planet

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Any vacation wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach and enjoying that nice clear sea water. Yes the sandy beaches and the sunny sky make for an enjoyable time away from it all. However many people take their enjoyment even further with a nice dive to enjoy what lies beneath all that water.

This is where such things as snorkeling come to the fore. Where you can enjoy the nice coral reefs and see the many varieties of sea life you wouldn’t otherwise see. Taking a dive in the ocean is an experience you won’t get anywhere else. It is surreal and can leave one feeling well pleased.

Taking all of what has been said into consideration, here are some of the best places to snorkel and enjoy nature’s coral reefs!



The splendor of the Maldives can be breathtaking as you explore the many gems found around this island. Visiting such a place has its many drawbacks. The island is beautiful, the beaches are awesome and the time spent under the water will be unforgettable. Snorkeling or scuba diving in the Maldives is a must. Take note there are over 1000 islands that make up the Maldives.



The Seychelles can be found in the Indian Ocean and is comprised of about 115 islands. This place is a terrific getaway for those who love to explore the water and see marine life. Snorkeling and scuba diving will definitely be on your short list of things to do here. You must enjoy the coral reefs found in The Seychelles.



The Great Barrier Reef is a very popular attraction for snorkeling and other exploration activities. Yes you will encounter various types of sharks here but it hasn’t stopped those who love the thrill of discovering the beauty of the oceans. The variety of sea life found here are amazing and the experience very memorable. If you like excitement you must visit this one.



This place is so beautiful and the prospect of taking to the waters and indulging in some coral reef exploration just makes it even better. The water is nice and calm making for a wonderful time seeing the marine life and other natural formations around the beach and beyond.



Sipadan is an amazing find for those who love to scuba dive and enjoy the oceanic livelihood. If you want to see the beauty of Malaysia under the water, this is the place to start. You can be sure that your time spent in these waters will be worth it.



The beautiful Spanish speaking island of Puerto Rico has many beaches to visit. One of the most visited for a nice dive to see some incredible marine life is in Culebra. This exploration point is actually an island off the mainland. When it comes to the Caribbean Sea you will find exceptional coral reefs.



For the snorkeling experience of a lifetime visit the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Maui. To be more specific check out the Molokini crater and witness some of the most colorful fish you could see. To get to this island take a ride on a catamaran and enjoy the goodness of the sea breeze.



Bora Bora is an exceptional place to visit. There are very few places that can offer such an experience as this destination would give. Even more fascinating is the ability to swim with sharks and other marine life close to where you stay. As often as you will, take the plunge to enjoy your surroundings as the water is the outdoors.



This awesome snorkeling spot in the Country of Thailand is a diver’s paradise. What makes this place so amazing is its surroundings and the variety fish found in the area. Snorkeling in Phi Phi can feel like your own personal exploration hub at times.



Oahu is another Hawaiian island that made the cut. Hanauma bay is so popular that the amount of visitors per day is limited. This snorkeling is spot is extremely beautiful and once housed a volcano. It is understood you are required to watch a short video before entering the water.



Moorea is a neighbor of Tahiti and Bora Bora, but is just as appealing as they are. A visit to Motu Irioa will help you understand that this place can hold its own. It has great coral reefs for snorkeling and its lagoon is a good place to start. Time spent at Moorea will always be well spent.



This Australian island has a lot to offer. It is spectacular and looks different from many of the other places that made this list. Bait reef would be the spot to check out as it offers a unique experience that makes for good snorkeling and exploration.



Turks and Caicos offer a great snorkeling experience as you waddle through its beautiful waters. It is unlike some of its more popular Asian destinations due to its openness. Many of the other snorkeling spots are snug in between mountains or lagoons; however Grace Bay Beach is very different.



Here comes another Hawaiian island with an exciting snorkeling experience. A visit to Lawai Beach is the place to be if you want to see some of the best coral reefs around. No coral reef is complete without lots of fish and exotic marine life.



The Caribbean island of Anguilla boasts some incredible snorkeling spots, especially around Dog Island. Enjoy the bliss of scuba diving and snorkeling as you gaze upon some really good looking reefs and sea life. It is hard to tell why the island was given such a name but one thing is certain, snorkeling here will be awesome.



The land masses that comprise the U.S. Virgin Islands have lots of water separating them. These waters offer quite the experience of marine life combined with nature’s underwater structures. Coral reefs add a beauty to the sea beds that is lovely. Snorkeling between Salomon Bay beach and Honeymoon Beach is worth the effort.



Sting Ray City is considered the best spot for snorkeling in the Gran Cayman. This place is a favorite for sting ray lovers, if you want to see these adorable looking creatures then find your way there. The water is clear and shallow so snorkeling is easy.



Palau offers a unique encounter with jelly fish. Don’t let this thought scare you though as these critters don’t sting. This could be one of the few opportunities to swim with jelly fish and feel safe. The place to be is called Jelly Fish Lake; just a dip in these waters will clearly show why it is called such.



Brazil made the list of places with the best beaches for snorkeling. The Ilha Grande is located between the popular Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Along with snorkeling for the coral reefs, you will also be able to explore some shipwrecks.



Blue Bay Marine Park is a gem in the Indian Ocean for snorkeling. It is one of those places where you can’t get enough of the water.  If you like angelfish, damsel fish, parrot fish, and clown fish then this is a great place to go snorkeling.



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Barbados has a variety of spots to go snorkeling and scuba diving, but Carlisle Bay is one of the most popular. If you love swimming with turtles this is the place, however there is a lot more beach activity you can do here. You can even see the coral reefs in the glass bottom boat and enjoy a shipwreck close up.

With so many choices of places to go snorkeling it seems evident that anyone who loves this activity may have to plan well. If your intention is to explore many or any of these places then you are in for a wonderful time!

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