20 Best And Worst Companies To Work For In The U.S.

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One of the biggest steps to gaining and maintaining a strong financial position is to own your own business or to work for an individual or company. One thing is certain unless you are the recipient of a fortune passed down from someone else that you either have to work or start your own business.

As someone who becomes an employee of any business you look for opportunities to climb the ladder if possible or be able to better yourself. Your job environment is important as no one wants to work in any company that may have a toxic atmosphere.

So which companies offer the best work experience? An analysis was done and found that these companies are considered the best by millions of workers who participated in giving their opinion. Here are the 10 best and 10 worst companies, we start with the best and finish with worst.

The 10 best companies are:



Most Varsity tutors would recommend their current job to anyone. It was recorded that 86% of employees would do so. There are an estimated 500 to 1000 employees who work in this educational company. Its headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri.



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Ceridian is a software company with headquarters located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You will find 88% of the employees at this company recommending their workplace as something to attain for.  There are over 4000 employees who keep the day to day activities going.



VIPKids is an educational company that is located in San Francisco, California. It has an estimated 5000 to 1000 employees of which 86% would recommend the company to anyone looking to work there. It is probably only second to Varsity Tutors on education.



The Omni Hotels group has 87% of its workers willing to recommend their workplace to others. This company employs about 20000 individuals and its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The Omni is clearly a place to work if you love the hospitality industry.



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C.R.England is a refrigeration trucking company with about 5000 to 10000 employees. It has a 92% approval rate from its staff. Its headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Southwest Airlines is considered a very good place to work based on what its employees say. Of the 59000 workers at Southwest, 84% are willing to recommend them to others. The headquarters of Southwest is located in Dallas, Texas.



Credit: Greatclips.com

Great Clips is a salon company that specializes in the beauty industry. It enjoys an 855 approval rate from its employees. The company has over 43000 locations but its headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Great Clips has over 40000 employees.



Credit: Youtube.com

Boston Consulting Group is a consulting firm with over 18500 workers of which 85% would recommend the company to others. Not surprising is the location of its headquarters. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts and has over 50 years of experience in the consulting business.



Credit: Bbb.org

Vector Marketing had its challenges as a credible company but it does well by its employees. It is responsible for the sales of cutlery of Cutco Cutlery. The company has close to 500 employees who give it a rating of 87% recommendation to others. Its headquarters can be found in Olean, New York.



Credit: News.efinancialcareers.com

McKinsey and Company specializes in consultation. It has over 30000 employees and 87% of those would recommend the company as an employer. The company’s headquarters is located in New York, New York.


Now that we have seen the best 10 companies according to employees, lets take a look at the 10 worst companies and these are:



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Steak n Shake is ranked as the worst business in this list is. It has over 10000 employees with only 29% willing to recommend them to others. Unfortunately this can vary per franchise, since different people will own their restaurant. The headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas.



Credit: Washingtonpost.com

Charter Communications has over 98000 employees but only 39% would be willing to recommend them to someone seeking employment there. Its headquarters is located in Stamford, Connecticut. Charter is an internet, telephone and cable provider.



Credit: Firstquarterfinance.com

The Speedway gas station chain has over 2700 locations in 22 States. It has over 60000 employees who of which 34% would recommend the company to anyone seeking work. Its headquarters is in Enon, Ohio.



Credit: Cdkglobal.com

CDK Global is a computer hardware and software company. Its headquarters is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The company employs 8500 individuals and 36% of those would recommend them to anyone looking to work there.



Credit: Simplemost.com

The Children’s Place is a company that sells clothing for children. Its headquarters is located in Secaucus, New Jersey. The company employs 18700 persons and only 31% would vouch for the clothing chain.



Credit: Compucom.com

CompuCom offers IT services and employs about 9000 individuals. Its location is Fort Mills, South Carolina and 33% of its employees would recommend the company. It is known for its software development.



Regal is known for its many movie theaters across the nation. It employs a little more than 26000 people. 35% of those employees would recommend the employer to anyone interested. Its headquarters is Knoxville, Tennessee.



Credit: Lafitness.com

LA Fitness is a popular fitness center that has about 675 locations throughout the U.S. It employs 10000 plus individuals and 33% would recommend them as a good employer. Its headquarters is located in Irvine, California.



Credit: Ussecurityassociates.com

This security company has over 50000 employees and its headquarters is located in Roswell, Georgia. The company’s percentage recommendation is 34% of its staff.



Credit: Twitter.com

Genesis health care can be found throughout America. It has 400 locations and employs 10000 plus persons. Its headquarters is located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. 31% of Genesis employees would recommend them as a good employer.

As noted before all statistics are based on information gathered from actual employees. It is noteworthy that all rankings given are based on percentage and amount of employees of any particular company. From a rating of 5 no company got a 4 or above some scored as under 3.

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