20 Automobile Features That People Think Are Cool And Convenient

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Automobiles have really come a long way. They have become faster, safer in some ways and offer a lot more features than ever before. Some of the features found on these vehicles help to increase the demand to purchase one.

The main catch with some of the automobiles these days is the gadgets and features they come with. Some of these features can make life so much simpler and comfortable for the driver or his passengers.

Let us take a look at some of the coolest features and gadgets that has some vehicles in such high demand and make them worth having.



Credit: Chevrolet

One of the coolest ways to start your car is by remote. This device can come in handy when you want your car started without being in or close to it. In places where the weather can take a toll this gadget makes a huge difference. Turn on your vehicle before you leave and let it warm up the interior especially on snowy days.



The technology is the dual clutch system is exceptional. Yes we know the gear shift can be fun, but not everyone is keen to drive a stick shift for a long period of time. The dual clutch is much different as it works for both you have the best of both worlds. You can shift the automatic transmission, so enjoy the ride!



Credit: R&T

This is a new technology for the most part and can be overwhelming for some people. In reality it does look similar to playing a video game but this display has the ability to save lives. Once you get accustomed to its use it could make the difference between life and death. Have your most important indicators in your face.



When heated seats came into the fray it proved a great comfort to those living in Countries that are very cold.  A cold seat is very uncomfortable similarly a cold steering wheel can be a distraction. The importance of the steering can be underplayed so to have a warm steering wheel in your hand is a big plus.



Getting a massage while you drive may have been unthinkable years ago but not anymore.  You can enjoy a massage while driving or if parked and just taking a break. Either way you can do it all from your car as driving can become tiring.



Car seats can also give you other comforts which are so vital to your well being.  Places like North America and other cold chilly climates need heated car seats in their vehicles. When it is stone cold the seats in your vehicle are unbearable but warming them up changes all of that.



Credit: Subaru

The anti-collision system is a big breakthrough for the automobile industry. Many people lose their lives in head on collisions. This feature has the ability to save lives especially when persons are not great at paying due care and attention when driving.



Credit: Mercedes Benz

Blindspot monitoring is another vital component to keep drivers and passengers safe while on the road. It can detect when other cars are close to your sides or approaching helping you to make wise and safe decisions like switching lanes.



Credit: Mazda

This technology works by allowing one wheel to brake at a time. When cornering your vehicle, the wheel on the inside of a turn will slowly brake making for better handling while driving. It usually works smoothly and may go unnoticed and give the tires a better grip on the road.



Credit: BMW

The purpose of slip differentials is to transfer the power to the wheel or wheels that need it most when cornering. Mechanical diffs are considered reliable but to have more power it is recommended to go electrical.



Credit: R&T

If you are into speed the launch control option is your friend. Switching to his function will give your car an advantage on other vehicles that may not have this function. Many of the fast cars today have this special feature for drag racing.



Credit: Brian Silvestro

The multimatic dssv suspension is a radical design that makes driving your car more fun. The suspension set up is used on many racing cars for optimal performance and handling.



High end stereos are a popular addition to many vehicles on the road.  If you are into loud music when you drive then this would suit you fine. Many car makers are adding more powerful stereos to their vehicles as they see it is a common need. When a vehicle doesn’t have a powerful enough system, person usually add their own, this could change that.



Credit: Digitaltrends.com

Bluetooth was a big step for the world of technology. It was a bigger move when this was added to the vehicle industry. The Bluetooth makes it easier for people to talk while driving. You can even listen to your favorite jams from another device while driving.



Credit: Volvo

Having a camera to the back of your vehicle to help with parking is ideal. The camera can save so much rear end damages when parking. I am sure this is one feature that everyone would love in their vehicle.



Credit: Blog.greenflag.com

Parking sensors like parking cameras are really great. The sensors help with and without the camera. They can pick up objects directly in the rear or close to the side of the rear of the vehicle. This is important especially when a person can’t see behind them.



Credit: Mercedes Benz

There is cruise control and then there is radar cruise control. This can make driving a lot more comfortable and stress free especially when there is plenty of traffic around. This feature keeps you a safe distance behind other automobiles.



The feature is a magnetic adaptive suspension system. It uses fluid and that works in a flowing motion along with a magnetic element. This helps with control in curves and is a feature in many fast production cars like Ferrari for instance.



Credit: Pbs.org

Self-driving vehicles are currently in use but only on a testing level. These vehicles are not available to the public just yet. However this is a feature that many automobile manufacturers want to see become a reality so stay tuned.



Credit: Yourmechanic.com

If parking in tight spaces is a problem for you then this feature should be on your need to have list when buying a vehicle. It comes in very handy and can help make parking a breeze for you. Not every vehicle has this feature so shop around.

With so many features and gadgets available, one has to wonder if any one vehicle would ever have it all. Nevertheless these added essentials will make traveling fun, safe and more convenient.

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