10 Most Popular American Hobbies And Pastimes

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Americans are known for their many pastimes and hobbies for pleasure seeking. These types of activities usually help pass the time away or engage in something they love to do. Hobbies and pastimes are nothing new and wherever in the World you go it is likely that you will find such things taking place.

However with so much to do in the United States, it would be interesting to know which activities rank highest, so we have compiled a list of the top ten hobbies and pastimes in America.



Watching television is the number one hobby or pastime of most Americans. A study shows that at least 50% of their leisure time is spent in front of the TV.  Most of that television time is spent watching reality shows the most and then sports. I am sure watching TV a lot could be the same for other Countries as well.



Physical activity is another popular pastime of many Americans, young or old. Many individuals hit the gym or the outdoors for various types of exercise. Sports are very big in the U.S., especially football, basketball and baseball. Other sports are also popular but these are the main contenders.



Reading is a surprising hobby of many individuals considering it doesn’t fall into the leisure category. However reading has many benefits so it is good to see that it ranks high for most Americans. More elderly spend time reading while most teenagers would read at some point during the weekend.



I am surprised that computer games rank this low considering so many people plat games. Games are not limited to the youth as many older individuals love to play games. The playing of games is even a sport in itself. It is good to know reading and exercise or preferred a bit more.



Computer time takes up a lot of our lives and that is no surprise. With the introduction of mobile technology it has become easier to keep connected. The phone, tablet and laptop have made social networking more consistent. All of this is due to Wi-Fi and data packages.



For many people music is life, wherever or whenever possible individuals listen to music. The type of music may vary but most have their music on some type of electronic device. Technology has made it much easier to go everywhere with a lot of it.


Traveling is big on many Americans to do list. The choices vary as you can travel through the U.S. or travel to a foreign land. Either way there is quite a lot to do in the U.S. if you are not up to leaving the Country. If you decide you want to go to another land the choices are phenomenal.



Going to the movies is a very popular pastime of many Americans. Considering how much money the movie industry makes from cinema attendance I am surprised this ranks so low. It is believed that 3 out of 4 Americans will go to the cinema at least once during the year.



Shopping is a hobby for some though it may not be pleasurable for all. It can also hurt the pocket so enjoy of shopping could be very limited for some. Most people will go shopping for whatever reason, but leisure shopping is another thing in itself. Women naturally love shopping more than men do.



Relaxation rounds off the list of hobbies and pastimes that Americans love the most. After a long week at work or other activities sometimes all that is needed is time for a break. Taking time to relax and reflect or release the stress of the week. However you spent that time getting rest, it is important.

These are just a few of the pastimes and hobbies that Americans love to do. If you didn’t see yours listed in the top ten, no worries as it doesn’t take anything away from what you love to do.

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Anderson has been writing articles for about 10 years and writes on various topics.


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