10 Incredible Things That Were Invented By Children

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Throughout the centuries many inventions have become items for everyday use. An invention is considered a device, method or process that is unique. Most inventions have made the life of many of us easier and more comfortable. Many inventions were usually credited to an adult but children have as well. Things have certainly changed as children have been credited with many more inventions, some that are in regular use.

One may ask what could children invent that could be of such a breakthrough that they should be mentioned. Well let’s take a look at some of the things that children are directly responsible for, you may be surprised.



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Oasis is a device designed by an 11 year old boy named Bishop Curry. The device isn’t currently in use but hopefully it will be soon. The device can prevent deaths to children who are left alone in vehicles. It works with an app that alerts authorities and parents about the child’s safety in the car. The young man invented the device after the death a young baby by overheating in a car.



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Benjamin Franklin at the age of 11 years old is credited with inventing the fins that many sea goers use regularly. That is right; he invented fins that are used for diving and swimming. This was Benjamin’s first invention and they make traveling through the water so much easier and faster.



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Gitanjali Rao invented her lead detecting device at the age of 11 years old. This was inspired by the Flint water crisis that started when she was about 9 years. Her device was cheaper and portable and considered better than other lead detecting devices that were sold by retailers.



The trampoline was invented by 16 year old George Nissen in 1930. The trampoline may have evolved in some ways but it is still the same practical design the then young George designed it to be. The prototype was built in his family’s garage.



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A young man named Raymond Wang at 17 years old created a breakthrough device that pocketed him $75000. He created what is known as the pathogen stopper for airplanes in 2015. It was design to stop the spread of airborne diseases. The device can be attached to the air vents of airplanes.


The famous braille template was created by a young man named Louis Braille. His invention was a improvement of a dot system created by soldier Charles Barbier. He spent 3 years on his invention which was released in 1829.



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The intention of this invention is to help save the planet due to climate change. Maanasa Mendu is responsible for this invention that converts sunlight, wind and rain into renewable energy. Once the device is exposed to vibrations it can generate electrical currents. She did at the impressive age of 13 years.



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10 year old Richie Stachkowski Jr. created the water talkie. The device has since been sold as a toy by a few retailers. You can find his invention sold at Walmart and Kmart. Talking underwater with the water talkie is limited to a depth of 15 feet.



Earmuffs were invented in 1873 by Chester Greenwood at the age of 15 years old. It is said that after spending a day out the cold affected his ears so he asked his grandma to make him something to protect his ears. This event brought about what we know today as the earmuffs. The material used may be different from the original but it still did the job.



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Frenchman Blaise Pascal invented the mechanical calculator. He was 18 years of age when he invented this masterpiece. He is known for other inventions but this invention is believed to be his best work.

Children have made amazing contributions to society for many years with their inventions. Who knows, something you are using right now may have been invented by a child. This list of inventions is far cry from the huge amount of inventions that were created by kids in their day.

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